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What precautions are being taken by Mill Race Marathon to prevent spread of coronavirus?
  1. Mill Race Marathon is recommending mask use for all activities occurring inside such as packet pickup and Expo, and Gear Check, even if fully vaccinated.
  2. Limited touchpoints:  water stations on course will be self-service (pick up a cup from the table) and finish refreshments pre-packed for taking away.  Medals will be self-service from finish tables.
  3. Start corrals will be larger to allow social distancing prior to the start.
  4. Finish lanes will separate runners to prevent aggregation.
  5. Results tent will have one-way traffic and spaced tables with social distancing marks in the waiting lines.
1. Who benefits from the Mill Race Marathon?

The Mill Race Marathon benefits different organizations dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles in Columbus, IN. In our first eight years, we have donated over $600,000 to various charities. Our 2021 goal is to donate $80,000 to the Columbus Park Foundation and Healthy Communities!

2. How many years has the Mill Race Marathon been around?

This is the event’s 9th year. 

3. How many runners can I expect to see on race day?

We hope to see 5,000 runners in this year’s race between the Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K and Kids Run.

4. Is this marathon a Boston Qualifier?


5. Where can I get a parking pass?

Parking passes may be picked up during Friday Packet Pick-up at The Commons at the Health and Fitness Expo. These passes allow you to park in one of the available parking garages (all free with your pass) and include information on road closings throughout race day. 

6. Where is the Expo?

The Health and Fitness Expo will take place at The Commons at 300 Washington Street, Columbus, IN. Learn more at the Expo page on this website.

7. What time do the races start?

The Full & Half Marathon start at 7:30 AM, the 5K starts at 7:50 AM.

8. Where is the race site?

The race site is in downtown Columbus, Indiana. The start/finish line is near 6th Street and Washington Street.

9. I live in Southern Indiana – what training is available to me?

The Columbus Running Club hosts a 17-week training for all race lengths. Training will start on Saturday, May 28, 2021. Learn more on the Training tab of our website.

10. What if I sign up for one event and decide to switch?

Switching is completely fine! If you switch to a costlier event (“upgrade”), you will pay the difference between the entry fees of the two events. If you switch to a less expensive event (“downgrade”), there is no charge or refund.

For Upgrades:

Go to event registration page and click on the event that you want to upgrade to.

Select the option showing the upgrade that you want.

Complete the upgrade registration online.

For Downgrades:

Go to the event registration page and click on the event that you want to downgrade to.

Select the option showing the downgrade that you want.

Complete the downgrade registration online.

After September 22nd, event changes will need to be processed at the HELP TABLE at packet pickup. 

11. Can I push my child in a stroller while I run? Can my dog run with me?

Strollers are only allowed in the 5K event, and only for walkers. Participants with a stroller must start in the back for safety purposes. For safety and insurance purposes, animals are not permitted on the race courses. 

12. Where do the Half Marathon and Full Marathon courses split?

The Full and Half Marathon courses split just before mile 12. If participants of the Full Marathon do not reach this split by 10:45 a.m. (keeping a 15 minute/mile pace), they will be directed onto the Half Marathon course, and they will be official finishers of the Half Marathon being scored and timed accordingly. (As an official finisher of the Half Marathon, the participant will still be eligible for the truck drawing.)

13. What food and drinks will be at the Finish Line?

The following items will be available at the Finish Line:

  • Pretzels
  • Granola Bars
  • Bananas
  • Snack Packs
  • Water Bottles
  • Gatorade (Blue)
14. What food and drinks will be at the water stops?

Most water stops will offer both water and Gatorade. The water stop just before mile 10 will have a variety of GU Gel flavors.  The water stops near miles 15 and 22 will have a variety of GU Gel flavors. The GU Gel flavors for 2021 are; Jet Blackberry, Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Outrage, and Salted Carmel.

Special thanks to White River Running Company – the official Gel sponsor of the Mill Race Marathon and Half Marathon.

15. Will there be restrooms along the courses?

Portable restrooms are available at each of the 14 water stations and 4 medical tents along the course, as well as near the 5k and 10k points of the full and half marathons. There are not portable restrooms along the 5k course.

16. Will finishers receive medals?

Yes, all finishers of the full marathon, half marathon, and 5K will receive a finisher medal. Finisher medals are uniquely designed to commemorate the race, the community, and the unique qualities of Columbus, Indiana. Check out our 2021 finisher medals here.

17. Is there a way to track runners as they make their way along the course?
18. Can I pick up someone else’s race packet?

Yes, that is allowed. You will need to bring a copy of their photo ID and a note from them (i.e. an email) that states that you have permission to pick up their packet. At Packet Pickup, you will also need to sign a form stating that you picked up their race packet.

19. Can someone else pick up my race packet?

Yes, that is allowed. They will need to bring a copy of your photo ID and a note from you (i.e. an email) that states that they have your permission to pick up your packet. At Packet Pickup, they will also need to sign a form stating that they picked up your race packet.

20. I am unable to participate. Can I get a refund?

We are sorry that you will not be able to join us for this year’s event. Per the refund policy entries are non-refundable, however, we are happy to provide two options for you to choose from. If you are unable to participate then you may (1) Transfer your entry to another person by following the transfer process found in this FAQ, or (2) Request that your race shirt be mailed to you if you contact the race organization by Saturday, September 18, 2021.

If you are unable to participate due to pregnancy, injury, or military deployment, we offer deferrals to the 2022 event with appropriate documentation. Please submit either your doctor’s note stating injury/pregnancy or proof of deployment to info@millracemarathon.com by Saturday, September 11, 2021. To remain consistent with the administration of this policy, deferrals do not extend to anyone besides the injured, pregnant, or deployed participant and we must receive the documentation by September 11, 2021. Deferred entries cannot extend past the following year.

21. Can I change my shirt size?

You may exchange your shirt after the race at the Finish on Fourth Merchandise booth. Note – shirt exchanges after the race will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

22. Are there age requirements in this race?

No, there are no age restrictions, but parents must sign a waiver for any participant under the age of 18.

23. Will there be a place to leave extra clothing?

A complimentary gear check will be available inside the Commons on the main floor starting at 6:45 am. Please do not leave any valuables.

24. Can I transfer my entry to another person?

Yes, you may transfer your entry to another person by following these processes:

  1. Go to the event registration page and click on the event that you are registered in.
  2. Select the option to transfer your entry.
  3. Complete the online transfer process. You will get a 7-digit code to forward to the person whom you are transferring your entry to.

Transfers must be completed by both parties online no later than September 22nd at 11:59 PM. 

After September 22nd
This can be handled at the Packet Pickup Help Table on Friday, September 24th. Please send an email to the person receiving your entry stating that you indeed want to transfer your entry to them. This email must be brought to Packet Pickup as proof of the transfer.

The person receiving the entry will need to go to the Help Table and (1) fill out an entry form, (2) sign the waiver, (3) pay the $5 transfer fee, and (4) show your email giving them the entry.

26. What is the cost to sign up on race weekend?

Late fees apply to race weekend registration.  Register prior to race weekend and save!  (See registration prices at this link.)  

27. Can you confirm that I have entered the race? Can you check if I have entered the race?

You can confirm your entry on our website here.

28. Are iPods/Earphones allowed?

While discouraged for safety and awareness reasons, they are allowed.  Please do not put them on until mile 1, and please take them off the last mile of your race so you can hear instruction and encouragement on the course.  Since it will be impossible for us to enforce these guidelines, we ask that participants self-police this … especially at the starting line, for the sake of the safety and courtesy of all participants.

29. Does the Mill Race Marathon have a Pacer team?

Yes! Beast Pacing Team will be back this year to pace you through the Marathon and Half Marathon races

The pace times are as follows

Full 3:35, 3:40, 3:50, 4:05, 4:20, 4:35, 4:50, Sweeper (6:48

Half 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30, 2:45, 3:00, Sweeper (3:57

30. Do you have a Lost and Found.

Yes – lost and found is located at Gear Check inside The Commons.

31. Do you have a wheelchair division?

We do not have a specific wheelchair division. If a wheelchair athlete participates, they would not be eligible for any of the runner awards, but they would be eligible for the truck drawing if they finish the full or half marathon.

32. Does Mill Race Marathon offer complimentary entries for elite athletes?

We do not provide complimentary entries.

33. Do the student 5k entrants run with the rest of the 5k?

Yes, all 5K participants run together.

34. Is there a time limit for any of the events?

There is a 15 minute-per-mile time limit for the Marathon. There is also a 15 minute “grace period” to allow participants that much time to cross the starting line at the beginning of the Marathon.

There is a 17 minute-per-mile time limit for the Half Marathon. There is also a 15 minute “grace period” to allow participants that much time to cross the starting line at the beginning of the Half Marathon.

There is a 24 minute-per-mile time limit for the 5K. There is also a 10 minute “grace period” to allow participants that much time to cross the starting line at the beginning of the 5K.

35. What are the Overall and Age Group awards?

Check out the awards for all events here.

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